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Child Custody

The stakes are undeniably high in a divorce or another family law dispute that involves your children. At Cooper Law Firm, our attorneys respect your emotional needs while focusing on practical, workable solutions that preserve your most important relationships.

We encourage you to contact us if you are facing divorce with children — or if you need guidance in pursuing modification or enforcement of existing orders . We will take the time to listen carefully, gain an understanding of your needs, and offer informed, dependable legal counsel.

In making child custody decisions and issuing orders on other family law matters, courts clearly prioritize the best interests of children. Whether you are seeking shared physical custody of children or another arrangement, it is critical to understand what factors a judge will likely consider, and whether your views on certain issues are relevant. When you come to our office, though, you can depend on:

  • An honest, informed assessment of your case for pursuing sole physical custody or shared child custody
  • Resourceful assistance in developing a co-parenting plan or other framework that meets children's and both parents' unique needs
  • Complete information on the amount of child support you will be required to pay or receive in accordance with Maryland child support guidelines

Seeking Fair, Negotiated Solutions That Work for Families

We provide honest counsel based on experience and in-depth understanding of Maryland family law. Because family litigation is almost always time-consuming and costly for everyone involved, we strongly encourage resolving child custody differences through negotiation or mediation whenever possible.

Our primary focus is on seeking common ground and working toward solutions that keep both parents involved in their children's lives. We also know that factors such as domestic violence or substance abuse may make it imperative to assert and defend your position right from the beginning. When you work with our firm, you can benefit from the work of a full-time investigator and dynamic trial lawyer if necessary.

Counsel and Efficient Action for Modifications and Enforcement of Orders

Our firm is also an excellent resource for assistance with post-divorce issues, including your need for:

  • Modification of pre-existing child support, custody or visitation agreements, typically due to some significant change in a parent's circumstances or children's needs
  • Enforcement of an existing child support order, visitation arrangement or property award from your divorce settlement

Protect Your Parental Rights. Contact Cooper Law Firm Today.

At Cooper Law Firm, we know that nothing is more important than your relationship with your child. We will help you protect that relationship during custody disputes. For more information about your parental rights and to discuss your custody situation in detail, contact our firm. Call us at 866-405-0124. We speak Spanish and have translators available for other languages.