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Speeders on Maryland’s fastest freeway can be liable for crash injuries

According to a recent report, speeding drivers cause nearly one-third of all fatal automobile accidents. In fact, the probability of death actually increases proportionally to the amount by which the driver's speed exceeds the mandated speed limit.

Maryland's speediest drive the Intercounty Connector

The Intercounty Connector, or ICC, is one of the most traveled freeways in the area. Yet according to the Maryland Transportation Authority, on average, 10 speeding citations and warnings were issued per day on the ICC over the last three months. While some argue that this statistic may be the result of over-zealous policing, the danger associated with speeding makes it imperative for law enforcement to continue to patrol the freeway.

Moreover, locals are arguing that the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit of the ICC is fueling the continuous speeding. In fact, a recent engineering survey concluded that the highway's speed could safely be raised to 60 miles per hour.

Speeding drivers can be held responsible for their actions

The repercussions of accidents caused by speeding drivers depend on several different factors. For instance, a driver who is driving 20 miles above the speed limit is likely to cause more damage than a driver who is driving five miles above the limit.

However, speeding drivers are more likely to cause some type of harm in the event of an automobile collision - whether that harm is property damage, personal injury or even death - than their non-speeding counterparts. And a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against the speeding driver to recover damages that can compensate an injured person for any harm suffered.

Accident victims need the expertise of a personal injury attorney

Bringing this type of suit is an intricate process. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for the injured party, this person must pay careful attention throughout the investigation process in order to establish the cause of the accident.

Also, whether or not the speeding driver who caused the accident has insurance can play a huge part in the litigation process. Having a comprehensive understanding of the insurance coverage of the party at fault will be helpful in assessing potential claims.

Automobile accidents can have a detrimental affect not only on the injured party but also on family members. Accident victims can incur astronomical medical bills and may also be out of work due to their injuries. If you or your family member has been a victim of an automobile accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can discuss available options with you.