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Construction collapse leaves one worker dead, another injured

On behalf of Steven Cooper at Cooper Law Firm

Working at a construction site can be difficult and dangerous. Although many contractors and employers try to ensure that construction sites are as safe as possible, accidents do happen. That was the case at a construction site at a local Montgomery County, Maryland mall. According to the Huffington Post, a portion of a mall parking deck that was under construction collapsed. One construction worker died at the scene, and another worker was injured. The collapse is still under investigation.

Making a personal injury claim

Oftentimes, when people hear of a workplace injury, they wonder if there are any legal remedies available to them. Some may think that since the accident was related to the job, their only remedy is workers' compensation. However, injured workers should note that workers' compensation might not be their only option for compensation - they might be entitled to additional recovery amounts under a personal injury claim in certain situations.

One of the first things that a worker should do after a construction accident or any other workplace accident is to seek medical attention. Even if a person feels fine, he or she should be examined by a physician. If the results of the medical exam reveal injuries, it is important that the individual can take certain steps to preserve his or her rights to file a personal injury claim. Some of those steps include:

  • Making notes of everything that took place after the accident
  • Gathering as much evidence as possible to show what or who caused the accident and damages
  • Collecting the names and contact details of witnesses who may have seen what happened

Injured individuals are also encouraged to take notes of any conversations about the accident. Additionally, injured workers may want to advise the potential parties to the lawsuit of their plans to file a claim.

Time limitations for filing personal injury claims

According to Maryland law, the time limit or statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is three years from the date of occurrence. Individuals who fail to file their claims in a timely manner may miss their opportunity to receive compensation for their injuries. Those with workplace injuries should keep in mind that personal injury claims can be lengthy; therefore, it is crucial that the claim is filed as soon as possible.

The personal injury claims process can be complex. Accordingly, those who are interested in finding out more about potential compensation under personal injury law is encouraged to speak with a personal injury attorney.